Naked Heart is a Burning Man Camp where new ways of being, relating and connecting are prototyped and broadcast.

Naked Heart is a place of connection and communion that invites women to fully embody their essential feminine selves, and men to honor this powerful feminine. The path of embodiment that we each follow is as unique as we are. Naked Heart honors and celebrates the feminine, illuminating for all women the power of fully inhabiting these glorious, radiant bodies. 


The world will be saved by the western woman

—Dalai Lama


The transformational potential of Burning Man is immense. The desiccated desert brings us all metaphorically to that stripped down place where spirit can be heard above the din. Listen to your heart. Listen to your body. Quiet your mind. Find your way.


Naked Heart is devoted to the full embodiment of the divine feminine, the goddess essence. At our core, we all hear the essential call, echoes of ancient remembering. The way through is rarely clear. We each have begun the journey into pure self but on different paths. Naked Heart gathers fellow travelers to share the wealth of experience.


At Naked Heart we recognize the need to embrace both the light and the dark in our journeys. When we pursue the light we use movement, the senses, sensuality, sexuality and connection.  This beckons us in and brings the light of awareness back into the bodies we have vacated. We are particularly interested in the seat of power and intention housed in our bodies. To go there fully requires confronting our shadows. We embrace those as well as we dive into shame, fear, anger, unsavory memories from this life and past lives, and disempowering images of our bodies.


Naked Heart is a bountiful table where we have an array of gifts to share amongst us. When we share our stories and hearts we fill in each other’s gaps with love, empowerment and energy, making this a fuller offering. Naked Heart shares our experiences outward through workshops and by simply holding light. We are all on this path. Welcome home.


Naked Heart